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Policy Influence Capacity Building Workshop

Time (GMT +00) 09:00 16:00


Julie Dabo - AHA

Rodolfo Succar - Cempuro

Carlos Aramburu - CIES

Vanesa Weyrauch - CIPPEC

Aguilar Gil - Demysex

Adolfo Garcé - Social Sciences Faculty, University of the Republic of Uruguay

Alberto Saracho - Fundación IDEA

Maribel Almeida - Grupo FARO

Ana Bravo - IFRTD

Jorge Leiton Quiroga - IISEC-UCB

Carlos Toranzo - ILDIS

Guy Delmelle - Nitlapán

Enrique Mendizabal - ODI

Paulo Lima - RITS


Through a participative, multidisciplinary and theoretical-practical approach, this workshop pursued three main goals:

  • To exchange knowledge, practical experiences, tools and methodologies about evidence based policy influence.
  • To develop possible regional and national strategies to facilitate the application and sharing of this knowledge on and with other public policy oriented organisations.
  • To strengthen the development of a network of organisations that wish to carry out and support the development of skills for more effective evidence based policy influence.

Therefore, participants representing 13 CSOs from different Latin American countries exchanged knowledge, practical experiences, tools and methodologies related to policy influence. They also developed potential national and regional strategies to share this knowledge with other members of the Latin American network within the Civil Society Partnerships Programme.

Buenos Aires, Argentina