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ODI in conversation with H.E. Albin Kurti

Time (GMT +01) 16:30 17:30
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2024 marks a pivotal milestone – the 25th anniversary of the end of the Kosovo War.

This event commemorates a critical turning point for Kosovo, celebrating the significant strides Kosovo has made towards independence, economic development, and the establishment of a democracy from the ground up. ODI Chief Executive, Sara Pantuliano will be joined in conversation with H.E. Albin Kurti, providing a unique opportunity to reflect on the country's achievements and challenges in its ongoing fight for justice for the war’s victims, and its aspirations for the future.

During the event, H.E. Albin Kurti will share his first-hand perspective on Kosovo’s distinctive trajectory following the devastation of the war, towards economic development, sustainable investment, and democratic institution-building.

This significant occasion offers a vital platform for reflection, dialogue, and a continued pursuit of peace and reconciliation in the region. Our conversation will explore:

- Key factors that have contributed to Kosovo's economic and democratic progress since 1999.

- How Kosovo can leverage its resources and position itself for long-term economic growth.

- Strengthening international partnerships to advance shared goals for progress and development.

Please note that in person attendance for this event is limited. If you would like to attend in person, please register your interest to [email protected].