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ODI Fellowship Scheme introductory webinar 2

Time (GMT +01) 15:00 16:00
Hero image description: ODI Fellowship scheme cohort outside ODI's offices
This event has finished, watch or listen to the playback below.


Now in its 60th year, the ODI Fellowship Scheme has sent over 1,300 Fellows to more than 50 governments and international organisations.

The scheme gives early-career economists and statisticians the chance to work as civil servants on two-year contracts in low- and middle-income countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Western Balkans, and the Pacific.

It provides host institutions with high-calibre professionals to fill pressing skills gaps while offering ODI Fellows the experience of working inside bureaucracies in a different country context to their own. Fellowships are determined primarily by the needs of the scheme’s partners.

The continued demand from governments for ODI Fellows, as well as the level of responsibility entrusted to them, is testament to the respect the scheme has earned since it was established.

NB: Participants are not required to register in advance. A link to stream the webinar will be available here on the day.


  • Sasha Kapadia

    Sasha Kapadia

    Director of Global Advisory and Head of the ODI Fellowship Scheme

  • Susan Barron

    Susan Barron

    Programme Manager, ODI Fellowship Scheme

  • Darren Lomas

    Darren Lomas

    Programme Officer, ODI Fellowship Scheme

  • Jamelia Harris

    Former Fellow – Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, Sierra Leone, 2012-14. Now Teaching Fellow, Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick, Oxford, UK

  • Karishma Tiwari

    Current Fellow, Ministry of Health, Malawi