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New industries from new places: The emergence of hardware and software industries in China and India

Time (GMT +01) 12:00 13:30


Neil Gregory - Adviser, Financial and Private Sector Development, World Bank and Group Office of the Chief Economist, IFC

Stanley Nollen - Professor of International Business, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University


Simon Commander - Senior Adviser, EBRD and Managing Partner, Altura Advisers


Dirk Willem te Velde - Programme Leader and Research Fellow, ODI


Much of the software being written comes from India, while much of the hardware it runs on comes from China. Why is that? Why did China and India take such different paths to global dominance in new high-tech industries? Will their paths continue to diverge or converge? How can other countries learn from their successes – and failures – in reaching global scale in new industries? This meeting will look at what policy choices can lead to the expansion of new industries in developing countries and what lessons can be learned from Chinese and Indian experiences.

Neil Gregory and Stanley Nollen, authors of the joint World Bank and Stanford University publication New industries from new places: The emergence of the new hardware and software industries in China and India,  will present the findings of the report. Simon Commander, Senior Advisor at EBRD, will act as discussant.

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