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Multilateral development banks: optimising the balance sheet

Time (GMT +01) 14:00 15:00
Image credit:Marco Verch Image license:CC BY 2.0
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In a new research and events series, ODI will explore how multilateral development banks (MDBs) can play a pivotal role in the Covid-19 recovery.

This first event will unpack a key issue for policymakers looking to increase lending from the World Bank and regional MDBs in support of a sustainable recovery.

Shareholder countries – led by the G20 – are pushing MDBs to creatively use their balance sheets in new ways to achieve greater impact, moving beyond the traditional MDB financial model. A range of ideas have been proposed, including engaging more with private investors through risk transfer arrangements and hybrid capital products; exchanging portfolio risks among MDBs or with bilateral agencies; and rethinking the role of callable capital. The creation of a G20 commission to review MDB capital adequacy this past July has given even greater impetus to these efforts.

Join leading thinkers and MDB and government officials to discuss the options for balance sheet optimisation, and the potential and trade-offs involved.


  • Frannie Léautier

    ODI Trustee, Senior Partner at SouthBridge Group and CEO of SouthBridge Investments

  • Chris Humphrey

    Senior Research Associate, ODI and Senior Scientist at ETH Zurich's Center for Development and Cooperation

  • Hassatou N'Sele


    Treasurer, African Development Bank

  • Arjoun Raj


    Deputy Head of Multilateral Development and Climate Finance, French Treasury

  • Federica Diamanti


    Director, Multilateral Development Banks and Funds, Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance

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This event is part of our new Multilateral Development Bank Seminar Series:

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