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Moving and learning: rethinking education and skills for global migration

Time (GMT +01) 16:00 17:30


Marta Foresti @martaforesti –  Director of the Human Mobility Initiative, ODI 


Helen Clark @HelenClarkNZ – Former Prime Minister of New Zealand and Chair of the UNESCO Global Education Monitoring Report Advisory Board

Annette Dixon @ADixon_WB – Vice President for Human Development, World Bank

Henrietta Fore @unicefchief – Executive Director, UNICEF 

David Boutcher – Partner, Reed Smith LLP, Executive Board Member, Theirworld and Global Business Coalition for Education and Private Sector Board Representative, Global Partnership for Education.

Corine Mauch – Mayor of Zurich, Mayors Migration Council (MMC)

Member state speakers:

Paul Whittingham – Director of Migration and Modern Slavery at the UK Department for International Development

Thomas Gass @ThomasGass – Assistant Director General and Head of South Cooperation Department at the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

Alongside speakers from Ecuador and Ethiopia.  


Education is central to achieving economic and social benefits for migrants of all ages, and their host communities; improving livelihoods and health outcomes, reducing gender inequality and enhancing political participation. Education and skills development are essential for all people on the move, young and old, and especially for women, who are not always able to make the most of the opportunities that migration brings. Too often refugees and other migrants have limited access to education and to opportunities for skills development. 

This high-level discussion at the UN High Level Political Forum (HLPF) addresses key questions to move this agenda forward.

What would it take to make quality basic education and learning available to all migrant children and young people? How do skills development and life-long learning affect global human mobility? What practical actions can be taken to address the barriers that refugees and other migrants face in? 

The event is followed by a drinks reception hosted by ODI Distinguished Fellow David Donoghue. 

This event is held in collaboration with UNICEF and UNESCO, and with the support of Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Philippines and Ethiopia.