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Migration: a driver of development

Time (GMT +00) 13:45 15:15
Hero image description: Adiharush Tesfay, an Ethiopian migrant Image credit:ODI: Gabriel Pecot


Marta Foresti @martaforesti - Director, Human Mobility Initiative, ODI 


Barbara Rambousek @BarbaraRambouse - Director for Gender and Economic Inclusion, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development  

Shanta Devarajan @Shanta_WB - Senior Director for Development Economics at the World Bank

Pietro Mona - Ambassador for Development, Forced Displacement and Migration, Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

Michael Clemens @m_clem - Co-Director of Migration, Displacement, and Humanitarian Policy and Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development (via VC)


Migration can be a transformative force for economic and social development, generating growth and driving opportunities for all. Yet the challenge faced by governments, in navigating the political trade-offs between the needs and priorities of migrants and those of their host communities, has never been more complex.

Building on ODI’s work on migration and sustainable development, this event considers a series of concrete proposals to address these challenges and make the most of the opportunities that human mobility can bring - to those who move and those who stay.

Moving from policy to practice, what will it take for multilateral organisations to integrate the realities of human mobility into their lending, investments and operations? How can governments manage increasing domestic pressures to reduce immigration, while contributing to collective international efforts to improve migration governance? And what can be done to shape policies and interventions to specific groups of migrants, like women, who face many challenges when entering new labour markets?

203 Blackfriars Road London