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Measuring the scope, defining the limits: weighing the evidence on microfinance

Time (GMT +00) 13:00 14:30

David Laws MP

David Roodman - Senior Fellow, Centre for Global Development
Will Derban -  Head of Community Relations, Barclays Africa
Maren Duvendack - Research Fellow, ODI


Join the All Party Parliament Group on Overseas Development and David Roodman of the Centre for Global Development for a discussion on the development impacts of microfinance.

One of the most controversial development initiatives the debate around microfinance is far from over. Whether they are sharks or saviours microfinanciers continue to play a significant role in many developing countries. A panel of global experts will discuss the net impacts of microfinance and look at prospects for the future. 

David Roodman is the author of 'Due Diligence - 'An impertinent enquiry into microfinance'. Described by The Guardian as a 'voice of reason amid the sound and fury of the microfinance debate' the book was written through a pathbreaking openbook blog and has added a new volume to the evidence on microfinance. 

Will Derbanis the Head of Community Relations for Barclays Africa. He manages their Community investment strategy across 10 countries in Africa. He develop partnerships with NGOs that provide innovation solutions to social issues. In addition, Will manages philanthropic donations and a colleague volunteering programme.

ODI's Maren Duvendack has replicated the results of several microfinance impact evaluations in Bangladesh and has conducted her own microfinance evaluation in India. She has recently completed a comprehensive systematic review on microfinance impact for DFID and is currently working on assessing the impact of microfinance on reproductive health and empowerment.

Committee Room 21, House of Commons, UK Parliament