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Making services work for poor people: the science and politics of delivery

Time (GMT +00) 09:00 13:15



The 2004 World Development Report (WDR), Making Services Work for Poor People, is recognised as ground-breaking in its appraisal of accountability relationships and performance for service delivery. Ten years on, what have we learnt about the science and politics of service delivery – and what are the emerging issues that will shape future priorities?​

Much of the WDR’s core analysis on the centrality of accountability relationships for service delivery continues to be borne out by research and practice, although emerging themes in the international development landscape highlight some tensions. In collaboration with the original WDR team, this event will provide an opportunity to discuss new developments in service delivery, reflect on data, trends and experience in different sectors, and revisit the original publication’s core ideas and analysis.

Download the agenda for further information, and for links to where you can watch the live-stream from the plenary sessions.

Key speakers include:

Matt Andrews

Rukmini Banerji

Paul Collier

Shanta Devarajan

Alison Evans

Tim Harford

Charles Kenny

Homi Kharas

Ruth Levine

Lant Pritchett

Rakesh Rajani

Justin Sandefur

Kevin Watkins


International Finance Building, Washington DC