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Making it count: a new way to measure development finance

Time (GMT +01) 08:30 10:00

Making it count: a new way to measure development finance


Jesse Griffiths @JesseLGriffiths - Director, Eurodad


Paul Lupunga - Chief Economist, Ministry of Planning, Zambia

Brenda Killen @bmnellik - Deputy Director, Development Co-Operation Directorate, OECD

Sara Harcourt @ONECampaign - Policy Director, Development Finance, ONE Campaign

Andrew Rogerson @RogersonAndrew - Senior Research Associate, ODI

Shari Spiegel - Chief, Policy Analysis and Development Branch, Financing for Development Office, UNDESA


The scale and ambition of the Sustainable Development Goals go far beyond what can be delivered by aid alone. While aid will remain a vital and unique source of development finance, achieving Agenda 2030 will depend upon maximising the impact of a full spectrum of finance available for development. Yet the scale, composition and quality of flows beyond official development assistance (ODA) are not consistently captured in international reporting or sufficiently understood.

In 2015, the international community agreed in the Addis Ababa Agenda for Action to encourage efforts to develop a more holistic measure of development finance called 'total official support for sustainable development' or 'TOSSD' to complement - but not replace - ODA. This new technical measure is expected to be endorsed by the international community in 2017. As part of the OECD’s ongoing open consultation on the development of TOSSD, ODI is hosting this event to enable attendees to engage with experts, hear an update on the process, and discuss and debate key questions about the development of this new measure.

What is TOSSD and why does the international community need this new measure? What should it include and exclude? What is the potential impact on the development finance landscape? What incentives or disincentives could it create? What are the key practical challenges in implementing the measure?

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