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Making climate finance work: key issues in the short-and longer term, from pledge to project

Time (GMT +00) 11:30 13:00

Bert Metz, senior member of Project Catalyst, former IPCC Co-Chair, and Senior Fellow at European Climate Foundation.

Simon Zadek, Senior Fellow, Centre for Government and Business, JF Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University and Project Leader, South African Renewables Initiative.
Sabine Miltner, Director, Office of the Vice-Chairman Deutsche Bank.
Jessica Brown, Research Officer at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI).
Liane Schalatek, Associate Director of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung North America.
Sandra Guzmán, Coordinator of the Air and Energy Programme, Mexican Centre of Environmental Law (CEMDA).


The financing of climate solutions in mitigation as well as adaptation is a key issue in the UN negotiations and beyond. The recent AGF report has highlighted how US$ 100bn annually could be raised for these purposes by 2020. However, US$100bn per year by 2020 are only a part of the overall finance needs to achieve sustainable, climate compatible development in the South.

  • How do the AGF results fit in the wider context of financing green growth and what happens with the results now?
  • How does public finance and private finance interact?
  • How does the need for adaptation finance differ from the investments needed for mitigation?
  • How do climate finance decisions relate to other norms and existing international obligations of Parties in other areas?
  • How can the finance streams, in the UNFCCC and beyond, be tracked and what is already done in this respect?
  • How does climate finance work on the ground? Looking at Mexico specifically, what is needed to get transformational change based on the country’s green growth plan?
This side event will provide lessons and insights highly relevant for the ongoing political discussions in Cancun related to finance issues as well as for the debates being held by investors in sustainable energy solutions around the globe.

To confirm your participation, please reply to Maria Blazogiannaki at [email protected]
Cancun, Mexico: Cancun Messe, Jaguar room