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Leave no one behind: starting now

Time (GMT +01) 12:30 14:00



Claire Melamed @clairemelamed - Managing Director, ODI


Gerard Howe @GerardH07- Head, Inclusive Societies Department at Department for International Development, DFID

Paul Okumu @Africa_Platform– Head of Secretariat, Africa Platform

José Manuel Roche @jomroche – Head of Research, Save the Children UK

Elizabeth Stuart @ElizStuart – Research Fellow/ Team Leader, Sustainable Development Goals, ODI


Around the world, millions of people have been left behind by progress. In many countries more than half the population live in entrenched, extreme poverty and face discrimination on a daily basis.
Governments around have committed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and, crucially, they promised to leave no one behind.

If the most marginalised groups in society are left behind the goals, by definition, cannot be met. And although we’re talking about marginalised people, this cannot be a marginal issue - the commitment to leave no one behind must be a the centre of efforts and a top political priority. There is also strong evidence that investing in marginalised populations delivers returns and generates economic growth. Leaving no one behind will benefit us all.  And it’s not just governments who can champion and take action on this agenda: civil society, NGOs and other non-state actors can play a powerful role.

The first 1,000 days – or three years – are also critical. The longer we wait, the harder it will be to deliver on our 2030 promises. So join this discussion about what needs to happen now to deliver the early action to ensure that we leave no one behind.

What are you doing to leave no one behind?

At this interactive event, we are offering speaking slots to individuals and organisations who are ready to share what they are doing to leave no one behind in their approaches and work. We hope this will help others to learn from these experiences and be inspired to take action.


203 Blackfriars Road London