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Latin America and the WTO: current and future scenarios

Time (GMT +00) 16:15 18:15


Pablo Heidrich - Senior Researcher, Trade and development, The North-South Institute

Luisa Rodriguez - Economic Affairs Officer, UNCTAD    
Paulo Estivallet de Mesquita - Deputy Representative to the WTO, Brazilian Mission, Geneva
Bernardo Calzadilla-Sarmiento, Deputy representative, UNIDO (TBC)

Sheila Page - Senior Research Associate, ODI


Over the last decades the participation of Latin American countries into the global trading system has been increasing and so has their activism in setting the global trading rules. Latin American countries are among the strongest proponents of developing countries’ interests in several negotiating areas in the current round of WTO negotiations. At the same time, a flurry of bilateral and regional agreements has been transforming the trading interests within the region. The current global downturn has highlighted some of the fault lines of the current trade and production structures. The upcoming WTO Ministerial is an appropriate time for reflection on the role of the WTO in a region where trade policies have often represented a battlefield for opposing economic ideas. 

Against this background the panel aims to discuss the possible role of the multilateral trading system to foster economic and social development in Latin America. What have we learned from the linkages between the WTO, trade and development in Latin American countries? What is in the Doha negotiations for Latin America? Should Latin American countries be in favour of a speedy closure of the round? More fundamentally, whatwould a development friendly WTO look like from a Latin American perspective?

This event will answer these questions, bringing together analysis from Latin American experts. Spurred by a presentation by Dr. Pablo Heidrich, the discussion should stimulate concrete propositions on ways to strengthen Latin American strategies in the multilateral trading system.

To register for this event, please visit the Geneva Trade and Development Symposium Website.