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‘Knowledge Policy and Power in International Development: A Practical Guide’ – European Book Launch

Time (GMT +01) 17:00 19:30

Dr Philip Davies - Deputy Director, Systematic Reviews, 3ie

Mr. Tony Dogbe - Managing Director, Participatory Development Associates (PDA – Ghana)

Louise Shaxson - Book Author and Research Fellow, Research and Policy In Development (RAPID) programme, ODI

Harry Jones - Book Author and Research Fellow, Research and Policy in Development (RAPID) programme, ODI


Dr Annette Boaz - Lecturer in Translational Research, King’s College London


Simon Maxwell -  Senior Research Associate, ODI, and Executive Chair,  Climate & Development Knowledge Network

Copies of the book will be available at the event, but if you would like to buy a copy beforehand, you can do so from the 18th of April from The Policy Press http://www.policypress.co.uk/display.asp?K=9781447300953



On 1st May, ODI and The Policy Press will officially launch a new book focused on understanding how knowledge, policy and power interact to promote or prevent change in international development. This academically rigorous yet practical book addresses common challenges to improving linkages between knowledge production and use on the one hand, and policy design and implementation on the other. It aims to help readers develop strategies to negotiate the complexity of the knowledge–policy interface to contribute to development policy dialogues, influence policy change and implement policies and programmes more effectively. The book offers novel theoretical insights and methodological approaches with rich empirical examples, which are relevant to a broad range of policy arenas and to a wide audience including academics, practitioners and students.

This launch event provides an opportunity to discuss the research findings and recommendations with experts from the Global South and North, as well as consider ways in which these aspects can be taken forward practically.