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Into the mainstream: addressing sexual violence against men and boys in conflict

Time (GMT +01) 10:00 17:00


​Although sexual and gender based violence against civilian men and boys has been reported in 25 armed conflicts over the last decade, the existing discourse about sexual violence in conflict has been largely silent about the targeting of men and boys. The roundtable explored how men and boys can be protected against these abuses, and how addressing harm done to them can become an intrinsic part of the broader struggle to prevent sexual violence in all its forms.

This roundtable was an opportunity, in the run-up to the Global Summit to end Sexual Violence, to engage in the emerging debate about the place of men and boys as victims and survivors of conflict-related sexual violence, seeking to influencing policy on gender-inclusive humanitarian assistance, post-conflict reconstruction, and justice initiatives. It was attended by development and humanitarian professionals, UK government officials and practitioners.