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International Trade, Technological Change and Labour

Time (GMT +01) 00:00 23:59


Peter Wright, GEP, University of Nottingham

Francis Teal, CSAE, Oxford

Richard Kneller, GEP, University of Nottingham

Jørn Rattsø, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Hildegunn Stokke, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Joanna Silva, University of Nottingham

Tobias Seidel, University of Munich

Jonathan Warren, University of Durham

Rattanasuda Poolsombat, University of Warwick

Chandana Alawattage, Keele University

Vishal Ragoobur, University of Lancaster

Scott McDonald, university of Sheffield 

Yontem Sonmez, University of Sheffield

Suma Athreye, OU

John Cantwell, Rutgers

Rhys Jenkins, University of East Anglia

Verena Tandrayen, University of Mauritius

Dev Vencappa, Nottingham University

Fabio Veras Soares, IPEA/IPC-UNDP

Edgar Ramirez Medina, University of Essex


International trade and skill-biased technological change have been traditionally viewed as two competing explanations of the rise in wage inequality observed in the UK and the USA. In recent years, however, new theoretical work calls for a re-questioning of the assumption that skill-biased technological change is exogenous to international trade.  This seminar will give specific attention to the relationship between trade, technology and labour markets.

Ancaster Hall