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International trade: redefining Britain's role in the world

Time (GMT +01) 11:45 13:00


Rt Hon Peter Lilley MP @LilleyPeter – Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Trade out of Poverty; former Secretary of State for Trade
Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP – Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Trade and Investment; former Shadow Secretary of State for International Development
Allie Renison @AllieRenison – Head of Europe and Trade Policy, Institute of Directors
Dirk Willem te Velde @DWteVelde - Head of the International Economic Development Group, ODI


Following the EU referendum result, the UK will soon be in a position to define its own international trade policy. This has implications for the UK, the EU and globally, including for developing countries.

This event explores what approach the UK could take and how the UK government can best use this opportunity to forge new and upgrade existing trade deals.

It also discusses how the UK’s new trade policy can support the interests of both the UK and developing countries that rely on their trading relationships with the UK to support their economic progress.

You do not need to register to attend this event – anyone at the Conservative Party Conference is welcome to join this discussion. If you have any questions, please contact Hanna Nomm on [email protected]

Broad Street, Birmingham B1 2EA