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Increasing UK investment in Africa

Time (GMT +00) 14:00 15:30

Increasing UK investment in Africa

Keynote speaker 

Stephen Karingi @snkaringi – Director of Regional Trade and Integration, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)



Lord Paul Boateng – Vice-Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Trade out of Poverty



Clare Akamanzi – CEO, Rwanda Development Board

Maximiliano Mendez-Parra @m_mendezparra – Senior Research Fellow, ODI

Frank Matsaert @FrankMatsaert – Chief Executive Officer, TradeMark East Africa 

Rachel Turner – Director of Economic Development, Department for International Development (DFID)


The UK is an important investor across Africa. Projected population and economic growth across the continent, as well as a high regard for British products, heighten the prospects of future UK investment. 

Against the backdrop of Brexit and growing momentum over the African Continental Free Trade Area, we bring together representatives from government, research and the private sector to consider how the UK and Africa can work together to secure mutually beneficial trade and investment.

Using key findings from ODI and the African Trade Policy Centre country deep dives on Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa, we discuss the opportunities and challenges to boosting UK investment in Africa with the aim of contributing to the development objectives of the continent.

203 Blackfriars Road London