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Humanitarian partnerships

Time (GMT +01) 14:00 16:00


Sean Lowrie - Director of the Consortium of British Humanitarian Agencies and co-author of ‘The Consortium of British Humanitarian Agencies: a new initiative for NGO collaboration’ in Humanitarian Exchange 50.

Christine Knudson - Chief of the Inter-Agency and Humanitarian Partnership, Office of Emergency Programmes, UNICEF and author of ‘Partnership in principle, partnership in practice


Ros Tennyson - Senior Partnership Advisor and Director, Partnership Brokering Project,
International Business Leaders Forum

Mike Wisheart - Associate Director, Collaboration and Partnering, World Vision International


Wendy Fenton - Coordinator, Humanitarian Practice Network


How can humanitarian organisations best work together to achieve optimum humanitarian outcomes? The principles of partnership promote pooling resources, taking collective action and working together to alleviate suffering. But do these principles work in practice and can viable partnerships be established in response to large-scale, rapid onset crises like the Haiti earthquake or the floods in Pakistan? And if partnerships take time to establish can these principles apply when time is of the essence in taking effective action?

This event launches the 50th edition of Humanitarian Exchange, the theme of which is humanitarian partnerships. The articles in this issue explore diverse partnership arrangements - clusters, consortia and networks, involving NGOs, the UN, the private sector, academic researchers, ‘southern’ or local organisations and host governments. Drawing on their experience, speakers will assess the challenges and opportunities associated with humanitarian partnerships and how effective partnerships can contribute to improving humanitarian results.