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How to make coherent policies for development

Time (GMT +00) 12:00 14:00
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​The Sustainable Development Goals demonstrate the complexity of global economic, social and environmental global challenges. The sweep of this policy agenda poses strategic challenges for policy-making. Even in cases of strong policy statements on coherence, institutional arrangements and ways of working prevent governments from breaking out of silos and fundamentally transforming their policies to make them consistent with sustainable development objectives.

The roundtable explores some of the underlying obstacles to translating sustainable development into coherent and effective policies. It highlights how actions to achieve one goal or target can impact on, reinforce or undermine actions to achieve another.

  • The OECD discusses how policy coherence can help inform policy-making towards pursuing an integrated sustainable development agenda.
  • The European Commission presents the EU's approach.

Please contact Elize Hefer ([email protected]) to express an interest in attending.