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Food price dynamics: Where to now?

Time (GMT +01) 01:30 17:30


Where are prices of cereals headed over the next ten years? And what does this imply for policy?

These questions were addressed at a workshop with presentations from Merritt Cluff of FAO, Dirk Willenbockel from IDS and Chris Gilbert from Trento University. All agreed that prices are likely to fall a little in real terms, but will remain well above the levels seen in the early 2000s.

A panel of specialists chaired by Simon Maxwell, with Brendan Bayley from HMT, Bettina Prato from IFAD, Benoit Daviron from CIRAD, and Ruth Kelly from Oxfam, shared their views on the policy implications of a world facing sustained higher food prices and possible increased volatility.

A report of the event, a blog outlining key messages from discussion, as well as presentations and videos from key speakers can be found on this page.