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Five years on, what next for Syria?

Time (GMT +00) 16:00 17:30

Five years on, what's next for Syria?


Sara Pantuliano – Director, Humanitarian Policy Group, Overseas Development Institute


Nigel Fisher – former UN Assistant Secretary-General/Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Syria crisis

Rana Khalaf – Academy Asfari Senior Fellow, Chatham House

Jon Bennett – Independent consultant and evaluator of the TAMKEEN programme in Syria

Wesam Sabaaneh – Director, Jafra Foundation


​On 15 March 2016, Syria marks a sombre occasion – the 5th anniversary of the deadly conflict. Having claimed 250,000 lives and forced 12 million to flee their homes, to neighbouring countries or other areas in Syria, the five years of conflict has led to untold amounts of human suffering.

But five years on, Syria needs more than short term emergency aid. Is longer-term development possible in a place like Syria? Perhaps – in opposition held territory, for example, work is underway to support the creation of local government bodies. This gives local people the opportunity to rebuild their society, in the midst of civil war.

Bringing together leading humanitarian officials, Syrian aid workers and experts, this event will reflect on the impact of the war and look at how to help people in Syria survive – and even rebuild and recover – as the war continues.

203 Blackfriars Road London