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Financing the future of the Belt and Road in Africa

Time (GMT +01) 15:00 16:30

Financing the future of the Belt and Road in Africa

Contributing chair

David Pilling @davidpilling – Africa Editor, Financial Times



H.E. Fesseha Shawel Gebre @EthioEmbassyUK – Ethiopian Ambassador to the United Kingdom 

Yoon Jung Park @SaisCari – Associate Director of the China–Africa Research Initiative, Johns Hopkins University

Linda Calabrese @lindacalab – Research Fellow, ODI

Jinny Yan @jinnyan84 – Chief China Economist, ICBC Standard Bank


China's investment in the African continent is increasing at a steady rate, with the country announcing the provision of $60 billion in financial support to Africa at the 2018 China–Africa Cooperation Forum.

As China plays an increasingly key role in the continent, we explore the future of Sino–African development relations. In particular looking at the impact and implications of opportunities generated by Chinese investment, such as lending practices by Chinese stakeholders.

We also focus on the Belt and Road Initiative in the East African context, looking at how it is financed by state actors and private investors who seek access to Belt and Road opportunities.


The image used on this page was taken by Davide Scalenghe as part of the SOAS project Industrial Development, Construction and Employment in Africa (IDCEA).

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