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Financing the end of extreme poverty

Time (GMT +01) 10:30 12:00
Hero image description: Khodeja Begum tends to her garden, Bangladesh. Image credit:Shehzad Noorani/BRAC Image license:CC-BY-NC-ND


Alex Thier @thieristan - Executive Director, ODI


Hon. Jacob Saffa - Finance and Economic Development Minister, Sierra Leone

Hon. Ulla Tørnæs @Ulla_Tornaes - Minister for Development Cooperation, Government of Denmark

Charlotte Petri Gornitzka @CharlottePetriG - Chair of the Development Assistance Committee, OECD (via video conference)

Marcus Manuel @marcus_manuel Senior Research Associate, ODI 


In the last 25 years, the world has managed to more than halve the number of people living in extreme poverty. And the latest ODI research reveals that, on current projections, 400 million people will still be living in extreme poverty by 2030.

In 2015, leaders of all countries committed to eradicate extreme poverty everywhere by 2030, the first of the Sustainable Development Goals. Economic growth will continue to play a vital role. But without increased public investment in health, education and social protection, extreme poverty will persist in the poorest countries. In these countries, where taxation will not yield the funds required, aid must fill the gap.

Ahead of the UN Secretary General’s ‘High-level meeting on financing the 2030 agenda’, this event explores the latest analysis on poverty projections and donor aid spending. It considers what actions donors need to take to eradicate extreme poverty in the next 12 years and launches a new index measuring donor efficiency to meet that goal.


Hon. Jacob Saffa was appointed Minister of Finance and Economic Development in May 2018 following SLPP's election victory. He previously served as SLPP's Secretary General and Chairman of the Election Committee. 

Hon. Ulla Tørnæs was appointed the Danish Minister for Development Cooperation in November 2016 and held the same position 2005 - 2010. Minister Tørnæs has previously served as Minister for Higher Education and Science and Minister for Education. 

Charlotte Petri Gornitzka was elected as Chair of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) in 2016. Prior to this, she served as Director-General of the Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency (SIDA) where she emphasised Sweden’s role as leader in development co-operation. She has previously served as Secretary-General of Save the Children International (2008-2010) and Secretary-General of Save the Children Sweden (2003-2008).

Marcus Manuel is a Senior Research Associate for ODI working on development finance issues, especially in low-income and fragile states. Prior to joining ODI, Marcus held a number of senior management roles within the UK’s Department for International Development.

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