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Financing primary healthcare: putting people at the centre

Time (GMT +01) 12:00 14:00
Hero image description: Covid-19 testing in Madagascar Image credit:World Bank/Henitsoa Rafalia Image license:CC BY-NC-ND
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Primary healthcare (PHC) is a key component of all high-performing health systems, an essential foundation for universal health coverage (UHC), and a prerequisite for meeting the Sustainable Development Goals. The Covid-19 pandemic has also demonstrated the essential role that PHC plays in responding to epidemic diseases. Despite its fundamental importance, PHC is not performing well in many countries and is failing to meet the needs of the people – users, providers, and communities – who should be firmly at its centre. This event will discuss the overall findings of the commission, and explore the country case-studies the commission drew on, exploring two key themes: how budget and public finance systems can support the vision of PHC the commission outlined, and how PHC financing functions in multi-level systems of governance.


  • Fiona Samuels

    Chair, ODI Senior Research Fellow

  • Kara Hanson

    Professor of Health System Economics and Dean of the Faculty of Public Health and Policy at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM)

  • Adriano Massuda

    Getulio Vargas Foundation, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • Eugenia Amporfu

    Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana

  • Leizel Lagrada-Rombaua

    GECC Development Services, Pasig City, Philippines

  • Tom Hart

    Senior Research Fellow at ODI