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European Think-Tanks 'bootcamp'

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ODI hosts a group of 20 researchers from the European Think-Tanks Group for an EU ‘bootcamp’.

Young researchers from DIE, ECDPM, FRIDE and ODI came together for three days of intense training, brainstorming and planning. The purpose of the workshop was to strengthen ties between the institutes, build joint capacity for engaging with Europe and lay the ground for future collaborative research projects.

Highlights from the workshop included;

  • A welcome speech and Q&A with Anthony Smith, Director of Europe and Donor Relations in DFID, and Alison Evans, Director of ODI.
  • Presentation and discussion with ODI’s Simon Maxwell on the formal and informal agenda in Europe. For a copy of the presentation click here.
  • An interactive training exercise on the EU policy process led by Rutger Hopster from DFID. For a copy of the presentation click here
  • Working group sessions, facilitated by ODI’s RAPID team, mapping how the European Think-Tanks Group can translate research into policy change.  For a copy of the presentation click here and read more about RAPID’s approach here.
  • The success of the ‘bootcamp’ will be used as a launch pad for a strengthened European Think-Tanks Group with partnerships between researchers at all levels in the institutes. Already in the pipeline are a series of joint events at the European Development Days in December and a research project on the blending of loans and grants.