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European Development Co-operation to the year 2020 (EDC 2020): What are the emerging issues?

Time (GMT +01) 07:00 15:00


The EU accounts for more than half of the world’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) and, as the main trade partner of the developing countries, heavily influences economic opportunities for the world’s poorest.

The kick-off conference of the EDC2020 project – an EU (FP7) funded project investigating key emerging issues regarding the European development co-operation – will be held on 2 June 2008 at the IPC Residence Palace in Brussels. This event will look at issues ranging from new actors in international development to energy security, democracy and political development, European development policy and climate change. What effects will emerging actors such as China, India and Brazil have on European thinking about aid instruments, modalities and organisation of the European aid system? What might climate change mean for current and future policies in areas such as agriculture, trade, disasters and risk reduction and humanitarian assistance? Is the energy security imperative driving a heightened focus on development or undermining the latter?

The conference is particularly intended to facilitate interaction between researchers, policymakers and practitioners.