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ERD 2011/2012 panels at the EADI/DSA 2011 Conference

Time (GMT +01) 00:00 23:59


The first ERD panel discussed a number of substantive issues which emerged from prior consultations on the European Report on Development, and which were examined further during the drafting of the main report and through an extensive set of commissioned papers. It also discussed in more detail how to tackle issues arising from increased resource pressures on land, water and carbon space, with examples from large land acquisitions and the management of the Naivasha river basin in Kenya. Finally, it will discuss some emerging suggestions for how the European Union can engage on these issues through ensuring that its own policies promote inclusive and sustainable growth and by taking action at the international level.

The second panel discussed policy issues in relation to the theme of the ERD. After an initial review of the preliminary policy issues emerging from the ERD process until then, there was an exchange of views from a representative of the Mozambican Ministry of Energy, a UK MP, a European Commission official and the ERD team leader. The panel considered how developing countries could best manage the new pressures on natural resource management. It also looked into what the private sector can contribute and how the EU can best help, both by working with developing country governments and the private sector, and by influencing international fora such as Rio+20 and the G20.