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Entrepreneurship and African industrialisation

Time (GMT +01) 09:00 10:30


Dirk Willem te Velde @DWteVelde - Head of International Economic Development programme, ODI


Federico Bonaglia @FBonaglia - Acting Deputy Director, OECD Development Centre

Jonathan Said @JonathanSaid1 - Head of Private Sector and Inclusive Growth, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

Desné Masie - Research Fellow, International Political Economy, Wits School of Governance and a Director, the Investec Investment Institute 

Rachel Turner - Interim Director General for Economic Development, UK Department for International Development


There is a renewed focus in African countries on the private sector as a means to drive industrialisation and inclusive ­growth. This focus has the potential to tackle two of the most pressing problems facing the continent - jobs and poverty. Crucial to the success of this will be effective partnerships between the public and private sectors, and a focus on encouraging entrepreneurship through improving skills and financing opportunities.

The panel presents the latest African Economic Outlook 2017, discussed for the first time in the UK and published by the African Development Bank, the OECD Development Centre and the United Nations Development Programme, and a forthcoming paper from the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change. This event addresses the current state of affairs and examines not only the what, but also the how of African industrialisation from various perspectives.

Drawing on case studies from Ethiopia, Rwanda and others, an expert panel discusses how to strengthen entrepreneurship and successfully develop market-based sectors that can help to industrialise and transform economies, generating returns for the whole of society, not just those at the top.

203 Blackfriars Road London