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Empowering girls: challenging harmful gender norms

Time (GMT +01) 10:30 12:30

Chair and introductory remarks:

Caroline Harper - Head of Social Development Programme, ODI

Keynote speakers:

Diana Nammi - Founder, IKWRO

Zaza Johnson Elsheikh - Co-founder, BIMA


Anita Ghimire - Nepal Institute for Social and Environmental Research, Nepal

Bekele Tefera - Independant consultant, Ethiopia

Grace Bantebya - Makerere University, Uganda

Tran Ti Van Anh – Institute of Family and Gender Studies, Viet Nam

Nicola Jones - Senior Research Fellow, Social Development Programme, ODI (panel moderator)


Rachel Yates - Senior Social Development Advisor, DFID

Sarah Cook - Director, UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre


Interest in the wellbeing of adolescent girls and the social and gender norms underlying disadvantage has spiralled in recent years.  This makes it all the more important that practitioners, policymakers and funders understand how discriminatory gender norms combine with other forces to limit girls’ development and undermine their wellbeing.

Bringing together experts and advocates, our panel will profile girls’ experiences of honour-based abuse in the UK alongside the experiences of girls from Ethiopia, Nepal, Uganda and Viet Nam to ask what works to support girls and change discriminatory norms, the focus of ODI’s Transforming the Lives of Adolescent Girls project. ODI research partners and a panel of experts will showcase and discuss their work on social norms, gender and adolescence, asking what works to empower girls in the UK and globally to ensure they can realise their full potential and avoid harm.

ODI will also be launching a ‘Knowledge to action’ resource series on gender norms.