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Emerge conference 2013

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​Emerge engages and connects university students and young professionals aspiring to drive transformational change, with current global change-agents leading entrepreneurial ventures, businesses and sector-defying organisations. Emerge is about “what’s next”: the big ideas, the future leaders, the driving forces challenging the status quo. It brings to the forefront that which is emerging: new models, markets and movers of transformational change. Over the two day gathering, participants learn from leading global entrepreneurs about their innovations to address some of the world’s most urgent challenges. Emerge centres on learning and action; it is a space to gain skills and resources to launch a new venture, to design intrapreneurial or entrepreneurial career pathways, and to provoke new ideas for creating a more sustainable world.

Emily Darko is hosting an interactive session on 2nd November at the Emerge 2013 Conference entitled ‘Mapping support to social enterprise’. She will discuss on findings from ODI’s recent work with the Shell Foundation to create a pilot survey of organisations providing financial and non-financial support to social enterprises in developing countries, and ask participants to feedback on issues and questions for phase 2 of the work and how it fits into the ecosystem of supporting social enterprise growth.

Saïd Business School, Park End Street, Oxford OX1 1HP