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Drivers and challenges for climate compatible development

Time (GMT +01) 13:00 14:30
Hero image description: Floods cover house in rural Mozambique Image credit:TheHumanitarianCoaliton.ca Image license:Creative Commons


Simon Maxwell - Executive Chair, CDKN


Karen Ellis - Head of Private Sector and Markets, ODI

Emma Tompkins - Lecturer, University of Southampton

Claudia Martinez - Green Growth Advisor, Government of Colombia, and CDKN

Sam Bickersteth - Chief Executive, CDKN


This joint Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) event will explore the drivers and challenges for climate compatible development.

We live in a world where poverty persists, in spite of good progress against many of the Millennium Development Goals - and where profound and disruptive changes in our global climate could seriously undermine development progress now and in the future.  Integrating low carbon and climate resilient approaches into development planning is therefore essential - and presents significant opportunities for developing countries.

The relationships among climate-smart choices and outcomes such as growth, poverty and equity are not straightforward, however. There will be winners and losers, and trade-offs among social, economic and environmental goals.

What puts climate change onto the agenda in developing countries? The experience of disasters? Energy security? New economic prospects? And what are the challenges of implementing climate compatible development, such as managing different interest groups?

Our speakers will present and respond to CDKN-ODI programme experience and to new research in Kenya, Ghana, Vietnam and Colombia. The event will be livestreamed and viewers are encouraged to pose written questions and feedback to the panellists.