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Don't build stuff - get people talking: a roundtable discussion of the practical implications of the African Power and Politics

Time (GMT +00) 13:00 15:00


The APPP synthesis argues that, ‘governance challenges are not fundamentally about one set of people getting another set of people to behave better. They are about both sets of people finding ways of being able to act collectively in their own best interests. They are about collective problem-solving in fragmented societies hampered by low levels of trust’. In response to this, Duncan Green at Oxfam recently wrote a review and blog ending with a suggestion that ‘APPP should present this work to a group of practitioners (bilateral, NGOs etc),then brainstorm on examples where they are successfully pursuing this kind of approach. They should then write them up in plain English and use them to illustrate their arguments.’

ODI led research programme consortium, SLRC have taken him up on the challenge and will be hosting a roundtable event on Wednesday 16th January,13.00-15.00 at the House of Commons. The roundtable will bring together academics and practitioners to debate the practical implications of the APPP synthesis report

House of Commons