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Doing development differently: Philippines workshop

Time (GMT +01) 08:00 16:30
Presenters, chairs and facilitators:

Dave Algoso, Reboot

David Booth, Overseas Development Institute

Paul Bossyns, BTC

Zack Brisson, Reboot

Taylor Brown, GRM

Toix Cerna, Children’s Education First Coalition

Bill Cole, The Asia Foundation

Andrew Wells Dang, Oxfam Vietnam

Jo-Ann Diosana, Action for Economic Reforms

Andrew Egan, Australian Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade Philippines

Gerry Fox, Pyoe Pin, British Council, Myanmar

Than Thi Thien Huong, DFID Vietnam

Geoff King, Australian Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade

Steve Rood, The Asia Foundation, Philippines

Aung Kyaw Thein, Pyoe Pin

Leni Wild, Overseas Development Institute

Tom Wingfield, United Kingdom Department for International Development

Anna Winoto, National Development Planning Ministry, Indonesia

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The first Doing Development Differently workshop was held from 22-23 October 2014, at Harvard University. This event provided an opportunity to share practical lessons and insights, country experience, and to experiment first hand with selected methodologies and design thinking. It showcased a number of examples of effective programming, which employed different tools but generally held to some of the same core principles: being problem driven, iterative with lots of learning, and engaging teams and coalitions, often producing hybrid solutions that are ‘fit to context’ and politically smart.

Following on from these discussions, ODI collaborated with The Asia Foundation to hold an event exploring examples of Doing Development Differently (as set out in the Doing Development Differently manifesto, which has been signed by over 400 people in over 60 countries) in the Philippines and Asia.

Watch interviews with conference participants

View photographs from the event

Commentary on the workshop:

Find out more about ODI's work on doing development differently here

Devex was a media partner for this event. 

Manila, Philippines