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Digital life and work: future-ready youth

Time (GMT +00) 15:00 16:30

Opening remarks

Tricia Williams @TriciaW_22 @MastercardFdn – Thematic Research Lead and Interim Head of Research, Mastercard Foundation


Syeda Re’em Hussain @Afresist – Leadership Lead, Afresist


Njabulo Mbatha @this_is_njeps @Harambee4Work – Young Leader and Harambee participant 

Deborah Saki @deborah_saki @GlobalShapersAC – Young Leader and Member of the WEF Global Shapers Community, Accra

Melanie Pinet @melanie_pinet – Research Fellow, ODI and Youth Forward Learning Partnership Manager

Kevit Desai @KevitDesai – Principal Secretary, State Department for East African Community


The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted lives across the world, highlighting the potential of the digital technologies but also exposing the need for more equitable opportunities for young people to use tech and advance their educational capital and skills for work.

With an increasingly connected world ahead, we explore what is needed to help youth be more prepared for life and work. This includes not just the skills needed to amplify youth voices as leaders of tomorrow, but also the skills needed to best prepare young people for an ever-evolving future of work. Bolder, more innovative solutions and collaborations are critical to support youth and should be forged across sectors – government, education stakeholders, tech companies, and future employers – while young voices should be at the heart of these conversations and plans.

We build on key youth-focused discussions from the ODI-led Youth and digital technologies in sub-Saharan Africa consultation supported by the Mastercard Foundation’s Youth Forward initiative.

203 Blackfriars Road London