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Designing new development strategies for LDCs in 2011-2020

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New elements of uncertainty have arisen because of the weakening of multilateral approaches, not just in relation to trade, but also in climate change, as well as finance. The impacts of the global financial crisis have presented new evidence on what may constitute resilient growth and development strategies, and the institutional requirements to meet them. But also highlights new uncertainties related to governance. There are going to be new types of scarcity and institutional reasons as to why these new types of challenges will be difficult for LDCs to tackle in 2011-2020. Increasing awareness of the potential impacts of climate change highlights two new important constraints: real impacts on production and regulatory requirements.

Taking better account of the changed environment in which development will take place in 2011-2020 may help better identify those countries most in need.

In light of these issues raised, ODI's Trade team organised a panel at the DSA/EADI conference on ‘Rethinking Development in an Age of Scarcity and Uncertainty’ 19-22 September 2011 to explore: what is (or are) the appropriate development strategy/ies for LDCs in the next decade?; how do development strategies need to adapt and, in particular, address the challenges posed by climate change?; and how might new constraints be addressed, taking into account new elements of uncertainty? 

The panel consisted of two slots, the first being Development Strategies and Climate Change: New constraints, scarcity and uncertainty. The second being, Learning from the Global Financial Crisis: Adapting to scarcity and uncertainty. The presentations made in the panel sessions  along with a transcript of each event are now available.