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COP22 side event: tailoring pro-poor financial services for adaptation and resilience

Time (GMT +00) 17:00 18:30
Hero image description: Farmer restores the soils on her plot Image credit:Georgina Smith / CIAT.


Sam Bickersteth - CEO, Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN)


Nasmul Haque - Director (Investment) and Head of Advisory, Innovations Environnement Développement (IDCOL)

Virginie Fayolle - Senior Economist, Acclimatise

Fiona Percy - Programme Coordinator for the Adaptation Learning Programme (ALP), CARE International UK

Catherine Simonet - Research Officer, ODI

Stéphane Hallegatte - Senior Economist, Climate Policy Team, The World Bank


This COP22 side event aims to build a consensus around the minimum standards and guidelines for designing and implementing national climate change policies. Sharing experiences from the BRACED and CDKN programmes, it aims to increase understanding of the factors and conditions that build resilience to climate extremes and disasters through financial services provision.

The event considers the resilience of national economy, business and households’ through sharing experiences from Asia, Africa and the Caribbean, and over the macro, sectoral and micro scales on how financial services are contributing to build climate resilience. Panellists highlight the importance of designing financial services tailored to the needs and the context of those affected to build resilience, including how to take into account social differences within communities, in terms of age, gender or class.

This event is in the Morocco Pavilion which is located in the Green Zone, which does now require an official UNFCCC pass to attend. 

Bab Ighli, Marrakech, Morocco