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Conflict prevention and development cooperation in Africa: a policy workshop

Time (GMT +00) 00:00 23:59

Speaker - James Darcy, ODI


The statistical association between low incomes, low growth and conflict  is robust and reflects reciprocal causal links.

  • How can external engagement reduce risks of conflict and improve the stability of fragile states and contribute to conflict prevention?
  • How can aid and non-aid policies be made more risk sensitive?
  • What should constitute the security content of poverty reduction programs in Africa?
  • What aid allocation criteria would best contribute to peace and stability?
  • Should the mitigation of horizontal inequalities figure on the agenda of poverty reduction strategies?
  • How should aid effectiveness be analysed if donors wish to prevent conflict?
  • What aid vehicles are best adapted to peace building?

These policy questions are especially relevant to Sub-Saharan Africa, the only region of the world where the share of people living in absolute poverty is rising; where nearly 40% of world conflicts are taking place; where the deadliest confrontations of the last decade and a half have been experienced; and where the incidence of violent conflict  is rising.

The workshop tapped into policy research findings at the intersection of security and development in order to help design external engagement strategies best suited to the enhancement of human security in Africa.

Wilton Park, UK