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Conflict and disaster reporting: does the public still care?

Time (GMT +01) 20:30 21:45

Jon Snow - Channel 4 News Anchor

Juliana Ruhfus - Senior Reporter, People and Power programme, Al Jazeera English

Marc DuBois - former Head of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) UK

Eva Svoboda - Research Fellow, Humanitarian Policy Group, ODI

Chair: Ben Parker - Founder, IRIN Humanitarian News Service


​On 23 October 1984, the BBC aired a landmark report on the famine in Ethiopia. Describing the crisis as a ‘biblical famine’, the report galvanised the public, spurred the UK government into action and prompted the creation of the infamous Live Aid concert.

Now 30 years on, is media reporting of today’s conflicts and disasters having the same effect on the public and has the nature of conflict and disaster reporting changed? How are journalists adapting to these changes?

How are humanitarian organisations working with media outlets to help generate interest and understanding of the crises affecting millions of civilians around the world?

Join us as we examine the current state of conflict and disaster reporting and how humanitarian agencies can work with the media to raise awareness and much-needed funds.

The event is now fully booked. To register to stream online, please visit the Frontline Club website.

The Frontline Club, 13 Norfolk Place, London W2 1QJ