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Climate finance: charting the road to Paris

Time (GMT +00) 22:15 23:15

Kevin Watkins - Director, ODI

Lessons from fast start finance for efforts to scale up

Taryn Fransen - Project Director - Open Climate Network, World Resources Institute

Discussion: Charting the road to Paris – an Exchange of Perspectives

Spencer Thomas - Ambassador and Special Envoy for Multilateral Environmental Agreements, Grenada

Stacey Swann - Head, World Bank Task Force to Catalyze Climate Action

Seyni Nafo - Africa Group Spokesperson, Mali

Shelagh Whitley - Research Fellow, ODI


​What role could the delivery of effective climate finance play in securing an ambitious deal to avoid catastrophic climate change? This side event at the COP 19 will reflect on progress in deploying climate finance, and options for scaling up and using finance to support low carbon climate resilient development.

The discussion will bring leaders from the private sector, government, and research communities together to exchange perspectives on the need for clear signals on the role that public finance can play in supporting continued and more effective action on climate change.

It will feature new research from ODI, WRI, and IGES on lessons from the Fast Start Finance period for future delivery of climate finance. It will also explore options for bringing information and insight into the political process, including through initiatives such as the Climate Finance Advisory Service coordinated by the Climate and Development Knowledge Network, Germanwatch and the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.

A full schedule of UNFCCC side events at COP 19 in Warsaw can be found here.

Warsaw National Stadium, Room 3