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Civil Society Organisations: Promoting Pro-Poor Policy and Social Inclusion

Time (GMT +01) 00:00 23:59


Diane Stone - Center for Policy Studies, CEU, Budapest
John Young - ODI

Resource Persons:

Julius Court - ODI

Viola Zentai - Center for Policy Studies, CEU, Budapest

Uwe Puetter - Center for Policy Studies, CEU, Budapest

Erik Johnson - World Bank, Washington

Stella Ladi - Department of Politics, Sheffield University


The poor and marginalised tend to benefit when civil society organisations (CSOs) are engaged in shaping policy, particularly when engagement is well-informed and leads to evidence-based policy. Often, however, CSO's policy engagement fails to do justice both to the complexity of policy processes as well as to the quality of the research and analysis that is available to help CSOs inform policy.

The course was designed to help CSOs make their engagement with policy processes and policy actors more effective and legitimate by cultivating improved understanding of policy entrepreneurship and policy making at local, national and international levels. The central objective is to improve the quality, and utilization, of policy research produced by experts in CSOs to help ensure that their analysis is provided to policymakers at the time important issues are under deliberation. This 1-week course was designed for mid-level managers, researchers and communications officers from think tanks, university policy centers and NGOs that are attempting to influence the policy process in emerging democracies. The organisers also welcomed doctoral candidates interested in communicating the policy applications of their research on poverty and/or social inclusion. The course included seminars, team-building activities, small group exercises and individual action planning, presentation and discussion.

Budapest, Hungary