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Civil society organisations, human rights and development

Time (GMT +00) 00:00 23:59

Humanitarian Theme Session

Samir Elhawary - Humanitarian Policy Group, ODI

Robert Mardini - Deputy Director General of the ICRC
Kathrin Schick - Director, Voice
Barbara Stapleton -Afghanistan Analysts Network
Samir Elhawary - ODI
Susanne Kempel - L2GP Myanmar
Justin Corbett - L2GP Sudan


The conference includes follow-up discussions on the relevant conclusions from the Fourth High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan and the results of the so-called Structured Dialogue (Quadrilogue) process, which aims to define civil society’s role in EU development policy, and discuss the role of civil society in Ashton’s new human rights and democracy communication and the revised European Neighborhood Policy and Agenda for Change.

The aim was to provide substantial contributions to key EU policies, ensuring a) a recognition of civil society’s unique role in ensuring the popular foundation of democracy and a strengthening of civil society advocacy for people’s political, economic and social rights, and b) the strengthening of the strategic and systematic incorporation of civil society organisations and movements at all levels of European external policies.

The International CSO Conference in Copenhagen brings together key CSO leaders and experts from Europe and the developing world and will include a high-level dialogue with European Institutions and European Development Ministers.    Samir moderated and spoke at the humanitarian theme session: Humanitarian space, civil-military relations and protection.

1001 Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark