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Civil Society in Darfur: The Missing Peace

Time (GMT +01) 17:00 19:00


Jerome Tubiana, independent consultant
Theo Murphy, Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue


Sara Pantuliano, Head,Humanitarian Policy Group at ODI


This meeting brings together Jerome Tubiana and Theo Murphy the authors of Civil Society in Darfur: The Missing Peace recently published by the US Institute for Peace.

Six years after the Darfur conflict broke into the headlines a political solution to the crisis remains elusive. Millions remain displaced, fighting continues, rebel movements are divided, and the international community’s attention is increasingly drawn to southern Sudan and its referendum on independence next year.

Commentators have long argued that Darfur’s peace process should be more ‘bottom up’, bringing in civil society organisations, traditional leaders and spokespersons for the displaced.

Faced with a lack of progress in negotiations between the armed parties, international mediators have recently taken steps towards a more inclusive process that could put civil society at the centre.

This meeting will look at the current outlook for a political settlement in Darfur, and assess the opportunities and challenges involved in bringing civil society into the peace process.

Please register to attend this event by contacting the Royal African Society at: [email protected]

Brunei Suite