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China's role in the multilateral development banks

Time (GMT +00) 14:00 15:00
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China’s growing presence in the multilateral development banks (MDBs) reflects an understudied aspect of its growing role in development finance, its engagement with developing countries, and its ambitions in global governance. From being the World Bank’s biggest borrower, China is now increasingly positioning itself as a creditor, and developing new strategies to gain greater voice within the MDB space.

This event, the second of our seminar series on multilateral development banks, looks comprehensively across China’s engagement with the MDBs: its role as a financier and creditor in major MDBs, its shareholding in borrower-owned banks, to the creation of the newest MDBs, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the New Development Bank.

The panel of experts from ODI, Boston University Global Development Policy Center, Shanghai Institutes of International Studies and the Center for Global Development will discuss the findings of the recently published report, unpacking the drivers behind these trends and the implications for cooperation and engagement within the MDB space.


  • Rebecca Nadin

    Director of Global Risks and Resilience, ODI

  • Chris Humphrey


    Senior Research Associate, Development and Public Finance, ODI and Senior Scientist at ETH Zurich's Center for Development and Cooperation

  • Yunnan Chen


    Senior Research Officer, Development and Public Finance, ODI

  • Ye Yu


    Associate Research Fellow and Assistant Director of the Institute for World Economy Studies at Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS).

  • Kevin Gallagher


    Professor of Global Development Policy; Director, Global Development Policy Center, Boston University

  • Scott Morris


    Director of the US Development Policy Initiative, Co-Director of Sustainable Development Finance, and Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development


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This event is part of our new Multilateral Development Bank Seminar Series:

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