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China’s importance in a volatile global economy

Time (GMT +00) 16:00 17:30


Jonathan Fenby, CBE @JonathanFenby - Chairman, China Research at TS-Lombard


Becky Liu - Head, China Macro Strategy, Standard Chartered Bank

Steve Tsang - Director, SOAS China Institute

Phyllis Papadavid @ppapadavid - Team Leader, International Macroeconomics, ODI


With 2017 likely to see continued economic and geopolitical uncertainty, China’s economic transformation and liberalisation will take on increased importance. Any shifts in its economic relationships will also be important, particularly in the light of the new US administration. What opportunities and risks could the new US administration present for the Chinese economy? What are the global implications of the ‘One Belt One Road’ policy? And where next for the renminbi?

China’s economy is now multi-faceted in its global importance. Following the renminbi’s inclusion into the International Monetary Fund’s SDR basket, Chinese policymakers are likely to continue to set the conditions for further financial and economic liberalisation. China’s ‘One Belt One Road’ investment initiative will be significant in supporting trade. All the while, the domestic transformation of China’s economy and growing strength in its household sector are likely to be a global growth boon.

ODI and Standard Chartered Bank host a panel discussion and networking reception to mark Chinese New Year.

This is a closed event. For more information, please contact Laura Sili at [email protected].

1 Basinghall Avenue, London, EC2V 5DD