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China in Africa: The new role of the BRICS in Low Income Countries

Time (GMT +00) 10:00 11:30

Dr. Deborah Brautigam
- Associate Professor, American University
Dan Large - Research Director, Africa Asia Centre, Royal African Society, SOAS
Dirk Willem te Velde - Programme Leader, ODI
Alison Evans
– Director, ODI


Emerging economies play an increasingly important role in low income countries (LICs). ODI is hosting a public meeting to explore the implications for growth in LICs, its economic policies and development policies of traditional donors as they adjust to new realities.

The emergence of China’s role in Africa is perhaps the most hotly debated example of BRIC involvement in the developing world. ODI is hosting Dr. Deborah Brautigam, Associate Professor at the American University, to discuss the role of China in Africa based on her recent book the Dragon’s Gift: The Real Story of China in Africa.

Dan Large, Research Director at the Africa Asia Centre, will provide his comments before Dirk Willem te Velde, Programme Leader at ODI, will then offer some general reflections on the economic links between the BRICs and LICs especially with respect to growth.