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Children in conflict: innovative approaches to child protection

Time (GMT +00) 11:00 12:30


Baroness Mary Goudie @baronessgoudie - Member of the UK House of Lords


Mark Jordans - Director of Research and Development, War Child Holland

Mohsin Mohi Ud Din @mohsindin - Director of Storytelling, Ashoka Youth Venture and Founder, #MeWeSyria 

Maureen Njoki - Programme Manager, UNICEF Jordan

Emmanuella Rita Atsen - Project Coordinator, Search for Common Ground

Nicola Jones @njonesODI - Director, GAGE Programme and Principal Research Fellow, ODI


Children and adolescents bear the brunt of war and armed conflict. From Syria to South Sudan, thousands of today’s young people will be exposed to protracted crises and suffer the after-effects well beyond childhood. Children’s and adolescents’ psychosocial well-being is at great risk from exposure to violence, and the violations of their rights as a result of armed conflict can have devastating effects on their trajectory from adolescence into adulthood.

On Universal Children’s Day, the Gender and Adolescence: Global Evidence (GAGE) programme, ODI and War Child UK convene an expert panel to discuss innovative approaches to child protection in conflict-affected contexts. Hear from academics and practitioners who are using creative strategies and platforms to tackle the harmful, long-lasting impacts of conflict on children and young people.

203 Blackfriars Road London