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Charting the future: directions in UK development policy after the 2010 general election

Time (GMT +01) 16:30 18:00


Duncan Green - Head of Research, Oxfam GB

David Mepham - Director of Policy, Save the Children, UK

Richard Dowden - Director, Royal African Society


Alison Evans - Director, ODI


The upcoming UK general election is touted as being the closest in a generation.  It is being fought on dividing lines on health, education, immigration and crime. But international development policy seems to have fallen outside this debate - with assumptions of consensus, or even ‘business as usual’, regardless of which party is in power.

All parties have committed to maintaining DFID’s seat at the cabinet table and to the 0.7% aid target. But differences nevertheless abound and there can be no doubt that a change in government in May 2010 will have significant implications for the development sector in the UK and the way the UK supports development.

The aim of this meeting was to explore how changes in the political context may affect development policy in the coming years. The panel shared analysis of the current political landscape and the issues they see as being crucial to future development policy, marking out areas of potential division and opportunities for progressive change.