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Can social media reshape gender norms around women's economic rights?

Time (GMT +01) 09:00 10:00
Image credit:©i_am_zews/Shutterstock ID:2071249703
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This joint ALIGN and Investing in Women (IW) event will discuss findings from IW-supported social media campaigns to shift discriminatory gender norms about work, care and leadership in Viet Nam, the Philippines and Indonesia.  

With relevance for future campaigns both within the region and in a wider global context, this event will also contribute to the broader debate about whether – and if so how – social media can be used to help catalyse shifts in gender norms about issues related to women’s economic advancement.

Focusing on a largely under-researched issue – social media and norms relating to work and women’s economic empowerment – this event will help lay the foundations for research and practice in this important field. The conversation will cover how norms around family roles impact women’s access to, and acceptance within, the workforce, and how these norms are perpetuated across social media channels. 

Guided by new research from Indonesia, the Philippines and Viet Nam, panellists will discuss what worked in recent IW-supported social media campaigns to challenge these norms and where difficulties lie.

Intended outcomes

  • Raise awareness of the successes and challenges of using social media for influencing gender norms, with a focus on South East Asia.
  • Initiate a conversation about how norms relating to roles within the home impacts women’s access to, and acceptance within, the workforce.
  • Move the conversation on from ‘can social media be used for change’ to ‘best practices for harnessing the power of social media for norm change’.


  • Aatif Somji (host)

    Senior Research Officer, ODI

  • Dr Wijayanto

    Director of the Centre for Media and Democracy at the Institute for Economic and Social Research, Education and Information, Indonesia

  • Shine Rapanot

    Instructor, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication

  • Diem Trang Vo

    Associate Lecturer, RMIT University Vietnam School of Communication and Design

  • Zarmina Nasir

    Director for Influencing Gender Norms at Investing in Women