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Can Sanctions be Smarter? The Current Debate

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<font face=Tahoma>The seminar was organised and hosted by the Overseas Development Institute at the request of the Department for International Development (DFID) of the British government, to encourage a wide range of interested parties to consider together the impact of sanctions, particularly the humanitarian impact, and the prospects for making sanctions ‘smarter’. The seminar was funded by DFID. The views expressed at the seminar were many and various; they do not necessarily reflect the views of the UK government or of the ODI.<br>


Those less familiar with the existing literature on sanctions can gain a quick update from the Summary of Selected Readings (part 2 of this report). Those interested in the presentations of the seminar can obtain the handouts and the edited transcripts of the verbal presentations from<br>

the Humanitarian Policy Group Administrator. <br>


Special thanks are due to Marion Birch, who took on a large part of the practical organisation of the seminar, typed out the full transcript and produced edited versions of several of the presentations. </font>